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Customer Relationship Survey launched to support Customer Experience

Celebrating National Customer Service Week with the launch of a new customer survey

To celebrate National Customer Service Week, we have launched a new customer survey which has been designed to gauge our partner construction customers’ perceptions of quality, sustainability and innovation, their highs, and lows across their dealings with us, and a measure of how we are doing against our ambition to create brilliant experiences for our chosen partners.

To do this, we have changed how we elicit feedback from our customers by introducing Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a measure of how positively engaged our customers are and a guide to the company’s overall performance.

NPS measures what people say and do as a consequence of their experience, which will allow us to take action and provide our partner construction customers with the customer experience they expect from the leading provider of drylining solutions.

Understanding the Customer Experience underpins our aim of becoming a trusted partner within the industry, being the brand of choice when it comes to drylining solutions, fulfilling customer needs and expectations, delivering greater value to our customers, as well as being known as a clear innovator of systems and services.

The benefits of this survey that we are launching go beyond both British Gypsum and our customers. We are donating £1,000 to the construction industry charity, CRASH, which supports homelessness charities and hospices through vital construction projects. As part of the launch of the survey, we have agreed to donate a further £500 if we secure 500 responses to the survey, bringing the potential total to £1500.