Charity fundraiser marks Barrow site’s 30th birthday

Our Barrow upon Soar site celebrated its 30th year with an open community event to raise money for Loughborough-based charity the Carpenter’s Arms.

The event raised more than £1,000 to support men who face homelessness due to drug and alcohol addiction.

The Carpenter's Arms has been operating since 2007 as a Christian-led residential rehabilitation centre for men in Leicestershire. Over the last few months, the charity has seen an increase in referrals for its services - in excess of 70 per month - largely due to the cost-of-living crisis and rise in homelessness.

Addiction often leads to relationship breakdown, financial struggles, illness, and offending, and the charity’s tailored programme of support helps people overcome addiction, escape homelessness, and re-enter the community.

As one of British Gypsum’s nominated charities, the Carpenter’s Arms was closely involved with the celebration event at our Barrow upon Soar site, with residents volunteering throughout the day and collecting donations from attendees. The 30th birthday bash offered employees’ families and members of the public a day to remember, featuring everything from fairground rides and face-painting to food stalls and plant tours.

But we haven’t stopped there in our support for the Carpenter’s Arms. In December the Barrow upon Soar team hosted a Christmas dinner on-site, inviting residents from the charity’s Six Hills residence to join them for a festive meal. Team members also donated a new television in time for the World Cup, as well as bedding and warm winter clothing.




Scott Wheatley, Area Manager at the Carpenter’s Arms, said: “The donations from British Gypsum enable us to help fund courses for residents, travel expenses to visit family, as well as other therapeutic activities to improve mental health and wellbeing. The latest donation, in fact, will be used to fund several guided walks in and around the Peak District. This time out from the centre yields huge benefits for the residents.

“Without donations such as this, we wouldn’t be able to undertake the activities we do. One of the greatest benefits to the local community is to enable residents who have graduated from the programme to share their experiences with schools and other local organisations.”

Greg Bere, Plant Manager at British Gypsum’s Barrow upon Soar site, said: “We recognise the hard work the Carpenter’s Arms does for our local community, and we’re proud to help them continue having a powerful, long-term impact on people’s lives.”

British Gypsum’s Barrow upon Soar site has been producing plaster for the last 30 years, and is the largest and most technically advanced plant of its kind in Europe. The plant and mine currently employ 100 local contractors and more than 140 staff members, more than half of whom are local. Recently the site has invested heavily in battery-powered mining equipment that will cut CO2 from underground operations by a quarter - a first in both the UK and Europe – and plans to invest even more over the coming years.

At British Gypsum, we strive to be a good neighbour to the communities around each of our sites, and we support local projects that make a lasting positive impact. Find out more about our Building Better Communities programme and apply for support here.