Our values

Our guiding compass in achieving our vision

Our values are how we want to be seen by our customers and colleagues alike, and we believe that every single employee has a part to play.

ApproachableWorking with us is enjoyable 

For both our colleagues and customers. Through open and friendly conversations we provide a service that is smooth and pain-free. In fact, we often go beyond, offering supplementary support and advice to exceed expectations. People should look forward to dealing with us again.

AssuredWe have a long history of being the experts at what we do and we’re proud of it 

That’s why we push the boundaries of best practice in our field of work to ensure we offer outstanding products and services. Customers should feel confident in our advice, which has been built on 100 years’ of expertise.

ConstructiveWe take the time to understand customers’ needs

Doing this allows us to offer products and services in a way which is intuitive to our customers needs. We learn from our interactions with customers and the wider industry to drive improvements. Our customers should feel like they are completely understood and supported when they work with us.

ProgressiveEmbracing the impossible

We have the vision to see what ‘could be’ and the desire and creativity to make it happen. Our customers should see us as being constantly one step ahead. We are committed and flexible enough to continuously evolve.