Thomaswilliam Ezuruike (Process Engineer)

Thomaswilliam joined British Gypsum on a graduate scheme in 2012, and now works at our Robertsbridge plant as a Process Engineer

We've spent some time we Thomaswilliam to find out what it's like to be part of British Gypsum, and how Robertsbridge's 'open door' policy encourages collaboration.

Tell us about your career at British Gypsum so far.

I started as a Graduate Quality Engineer back in September 2012, spending three years in that role getting to grips with what British Gypsum is all about. After that, I moved on to a Process Engineering role, which gave me exposure to a different aspect of the business, with lots of opportunities for problem solving and project work.

What’s it like to work here?

In terms of team spirit, Robertsbridge is definitely one of the best places I have ever worked. There’s an unwritten ‘open door’ policy on site, meaning I can walk into any of my colleagues offices, from Plant Manager to the production team, to talk through any issues or just have a chat. People often underestimate the importance of that but I think it helps promote collaboration and makes work much easier to get done.

Before I joined British Gypsum I found myself moving around a lot. I have been at British Gypsum Robertsbridge for five years, which is testament to the strong relationships I have developed with my colleagues. Working in such a welcoming environment gives me a real drive each morning to get to work and overcome the challenges my role presents on a daily basis.

There are a lot of different backgrounds at Robertsbridge – it’s a very diverse working environment. Working with such a broad spectrum of people enhances my confidence, especially when it comes to overcoming challenges, as there’s almost always someone I can approach for any given situation – whether it’s work-related or otherwise.

What’s it like working for Saint-Gobain?

It’s a pleasure to work for Saint-Gobain. We always get good direction from the group and are kept up-to-date about how the company is performing and where we’re heading. There’s also a competitive element to it, as we can compare our performance with that of other plants around the world. It gives us something to aim for and helps us strive for constant improvement.

It also enables staff to access a world of opportunity. There are always people joining from different backgrounds and different routes. I’ve seen a lot of people progress their careers, as well as moving abroad to join other operations that fall under the Saint-Gobain umbrella.

Thomaswilliam Ezuruike Process Engineer

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