Tanya Young (Production and Logistics Manager)

You can achieve whatever you want!

We caught up with Tanya to find out more about the role and what it's like to work for British Gypsum.

Tell us about your career at British Gypsum so far?

I joined British Gypsum in February 2015. I started as a Performance Manager, after 18 months I was promoted to Production Manager. In May 2017, I took over the logistic side of operations too. It’s been quite a lot in a short time but it’s been really good.

What’s it like to work at Robertsbridge?

Robertsbridge is a brilliant place to work. Before joining British Gypsum I worked in the aerospace and automotive sector, but I’ve never worked somewhere where everyone works so hard to achieve the business’ goals. It’s such a lovely place to work and I think you can see that with the incredibly low turnover of staff.

What were the first couple of months working at British Gypsum like?

Before joining a major company like British Gypsum you have some preconceptions of what it will be like. I’ll admit I didn’t expect it to be so open and inviting in the construction industry. The moment I joined I realized how professional the company is, especially working under the umbrella of Saint-Gobain.

It was instantly apparent what the company’s vision is and how we as managers are expected to reach it. Straight away I knew this was the place for me and that I’d be working here for a long time.

What’s it like working for Saint-Gobain?

Even though it says British Gypsum above the door, you can definitely tell you work in the Saint-Gobain group. There’s constant communication with people from other parts of the group, and it’s clear we’re all working towards the same end. Having their expertise and resources is particularly helpful when it comes to things like being proactive around site safety. Together we’re working to achieve our zero-harm working environment target for all our employees.

It’s a really nice company to work for and very diverse. There are people from all different types of background, which is surprising in construction. It’s also clear from the amount of people who have progressed their careers here that there’s no ceiling for growth. You can achieve whatever you want!

Tanya Young (Production and Logistics Manager)

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