Sarah White (Domestic Sector Manager)

Making the most of work opportunities.

Sarah White is something of a multi-disciplinarian. Having joined British Gypsum’s Technical Department in 1999 she subsequently moved to Marketing, becoming the Residential Market Manager, and more recently she became Domestic Sector Manager.

Sarah describes making the transition between two different facets of the business – from Technical to Marketing – as “a challenge, but enjoyable”.

In talking to her, it soon becomes clear that her desire for gaining new skills and knowledge is indicative of a wider theme to Sarah’s career.

She sees the ability to develop new knowledge and expertise within different functional areas of British Gypsum as a key factor in shaping not only what direction the company is moving in the longer term, but also on a more personal level of allowing an individual to understand where they may want to progress.

Sarah explains that her move was made easier as she had knowledge of British Gypsum products and customers before joining the Marketing team. Moreover, her career at the company has opened avenues of further study, with Sarah completing both a Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing during her time with the company, which have further developed her knowledge and skills.

She is thankful the company has provided these opportunities: “I appreciate working for a large company in the sense that you’ve got lots of different options, and you don’t feel like this is as far as you can go in this organisation” she says.

While the new experiences offered by British Gypsum are overwhelmingly positive, there are inevitably challenges, as Sarah is now encountering with the commercialisation of Gyproc Habito. The challenge is to change the accepted norm of plasterboard, both in the minds of consumers and house builders.

For consumers, Sarah describes it as a challenge of educating home owners on the availability and benefits of Gyproc Habito, and for house builders, perhaps the greater challenge, on the commercial viability of the product. Given the importance of Gyproc Habito, British Gypsum is adopting new approaches in developing routes to market, which Sarah describes as both “a learning experience and significant opportunity for us to offer our customers a truly differentiated proposition”.

When asked about what has helped her to progress through the business, Sarah puts it down to “the ability to work cross-functionally, understanding British Gypsum as a business, its future direction, our customers, and having an appreciation of the different departments and how we can work together to support the needs of the customer and ultimately the ongoing future success of he business”.

Sarah White (Domestic Sector Manager)

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