Sam Wilson (Customer Service Advisor)

Challenging himself and taking up new opportunities were among the many reasons why Sam Wilson joined British Gypsum. A proactive individual, Sam is always looking to improve his knowledge and develop new skills.

We caught up with him to hear a little more about his experiences in the business so far.

What does your role at British Gypsum entail?

I am a Customer Service Advisor in the Customer Service Centre at our East Leake Head Office, having joined in September 2017. My responsibilities on a daily basis include processing orders, handling customer accounts and dealing with inbound calls and emails. The role is very customer facing with an element of problem solving. I communicate with different teams within the company, as well as external parties, so I am always actively building relationships.

What training have you received since joining British Gypsum?

During my first three weeks with the business I had a one-to-one trainer who showed me the ropes. I watched him on the job and learned in a practical way. After that, I was given the freedom to start doing things by myself once I had a firm grasp of the basics. Training is on-going within our department, as there are always new developments that we need to be up to speed on. We also have regular coaching sessions to improve our product knowledge and customer service skills, so there’s always something new to learn.

Have you had any opportunities to work in different roles?

Yes. Recently, I spent a month on secondment with the Logistics department, as they needed some short-term support. This exposed me to a different aspect of the business and gave me a better understanding of the operational side of things. I enjoyed having the opportunity to learn new skills and work with a different team. I was given a project to handle and was taught some of our World Class Manufacturing tools to help me with this. I was then asked to deliver a presentation to the team at the end. They appreciated my efforts and contributions and I felt like a valued member of the team, it was a fantastic learning experience.

How did this opportunity come about and what did you learn?

I had previously expressed my interest in taking up new challenges to my manager and when the opportunity came around, he was happy for me to step up. It just goes to show that if you prove yourself in your own role and are willing to try new things, British Gypsum are happy to put their trust in you to explore different opportunities.

The Logistics work was very different to my current role. The Customer Service Centre is very fast paced and there is always something going on, whereas on the Logistics side the problems you are dealing with aren’t a quick fix, so the thought process takes longer. My stint there gave me a real appreciation for what the stock team does.

What is it like to work for British Gypsum?

The company adopts a very open culture. The support system here is fantastic, you know who to go to with whatever problem you have. It feels like everybody is here to help one another. Everybody in the Customer Service Centre and the people that I have dealt with outside of my team are really friendly and welcoming.

It’s a great organisation to be part of if you are ambitious to progress, as they are really good at pushing you to reach your potential – and it’s not just handed to you on a plate either. The challenge is all part of the process, which helps you discover things you didn’t even know about yourself before.
British Gypsum Employee Stories - Sam Wilson

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