Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos (Mechanical Project Engineer)

For Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos the learning opportunities at British Gypsum have instilled confidence in his technical capabilities. One year in and already he recognises that when you are immersed in such an experienced team, the learning never stops.

We caught up with him to find out how a move from Central London to the small village of East Leake is helping him build a career without boundaries.

How did you get this job?

When I first started out as a graduate I started to build my experience by working across different projects. It was at that point that I had the opportunity to join the Saint-Gobain recruitment process, which set the wheels in motion for a number of interviews across the group.

This lead to an interview for what is now my current role at British Gypsum and recruitment progressed quickly from there.

I was based in London at the time and had to relocate to the East Midlands, which I was a little dubious about. However, I was delighted to find that it is a really nice place and British Gypsum has an excellent team of people to interact and integrate with.

What is involved in your role?

I primarily work in Project Management in the Engineering Department where we work on a number of different projects from new designs and equipment to processes across all British Gypsum sites.

I find that it is a varied role with both office and site time required. Personally, I like to spend a lot of time on site because I can build a complete picture of a project by interacting with those who are closest to it.

In the short time since I joined the company, there has been significant investment in my development and I have been exposed to a wealth of experience from across the business. That support from British Gypsum has really helped me develop my technical capabilities and confidence.

What really stands out to you about British Gypsum since you joined?

Health and safety features in everything we do at British Gypsum. The company really cares about everyone’s safety and there is an onus on each individual to be vigilant. British Gypsum will always recognise your efforts in implementing and following health and safety procedures and I think that is a really admirable trait in a company.

What are your plans for the future?

That’s the beauty of a career without boundaries – the opportunities are endless. There is scope at British Gypsum for trying new things and while we must plan for the future it’s important not to limit yourself by being too streamlined about the path you want to take.

British Gypsum will provide the support and training in order to challenge employees and it is up to us to then make the most of this by asking questions, learning and understanding.

Have you got any advice for anyone looking to join the company?

The important thing is not to be afraid. British Gypsum values each one of its employees and it is a very supportive place to work. The company provides all the information and resources required for career development and it is up to each individual to create their own opportunities with this.

Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos (Mechanical Project Engineer)

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