John Chow (Mine Manager)

Changing jobs can be demanding at the best of times, let alone when that job is halfway around the world.

We managed to catch up with John to learn a little more about his experience and how he is settling in at British Gypsum.

Tell us about your career at British Gypsum so far.

I’ve been with British Gypsum for almost a year. Before this I’ve worked in open cut and underground mines across the world, most recently in Western Australia.

There are lots of interesting challenges, as both the company and broader mining industry are really focused on developing measures to improve health and safety. It’s a different environment than other countries where this is not the case.

Our recent focus has been on a major project to extend the operating life of the mine. It’s been in development since the start of 2017 and recently got approval, so there’s a great deal of excitement within the team as it will extend the mine life for another 20-30 years.

What was it like when you initially joined the business?

My first couple of weeks at British Gypsum were really exciting. I had a very in-depth handover from the former Mine Manager, which clearly explained all the processes, targets, systems and so on, which made for a very smooth transition.

On a personal level, everyone made me feel very welcome and helped me settle in to my new life at the other side of the world. It was clear from the moment I joined that the team spirit at the site was very good. Apart from the rain and snow I had a great time!

What’s it like working for Saint-Gobain?

Working for Saint-Gobain is an excellent opportunity as it’s such a big global company, with operations around the world. It’s always nice to hear stories from people whose work has seen them travel throughout the world. Working for the Saint-Gobain group really does give you the sense that the world is your oyster.

John Chow

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