Jed Waldron (Work Placement)

12-week work placement at our Fauld Mine in Tutbury, Staffordshire

For graduates entering the workplace a bit of hands-on experience can be invaluable in helping to secure a job role. In the mining industry, lessons learned underground go a long way to ensuring everyone’s safety.

At British Gypsum, we see the value in helping students gain these vital insights, as this investment delivers a better skilled workforce for tomorrow.  Jed Waldron, who recently completed a 12-week work placement at our Fauld Mine in Tutbury, Staffordshire, shares his thoughts on the experience:

As part of the BEng/MEng Mining Engineering programs at Camborne School of Mines, students are required to undertake an industrial placement with a mining company during the summer break between the second and third years.  After attending an open day with British Gypsum, I was lucky enough to be offered a three-month placement and I jumped at the chance.

The experience I obtained from my time at Fauld has been incredible; a mixture of traditional project work, hands-on production and everyday management that I would have struggled to get elsewhere.

On arriving at the site on my first day, I was introduced to one of the underground shift managers who would also become my mentor for the next 12 weeks.  After an initial safety briefing, we headed into the mine for an orientation tour – a vital part of the overall induction process.

Over the next few weeks, I had the opportunity to learn and work on a wide range of mining tasks, all of which were completely hands-on.  I also spent time shadowing the team leader as we undertook morning inspections.

I spent a week doing an intensive roof awareness course, which all operatives in the mine have to complete.  The importance of maintaining the roof beam was explained, along with the approved methods for undertaking roof inspections and what to look out for.

During the final two weeks of my placement, the mine underwent a bit of a change of pace.  Every year, normally during the summer and just before Christmas, the mine shuts down production for two weeks to perform vital maintenance. This was actually a great opportunity, as although the maintenance tasks are perhaps a bit more mundane, they are hugely important in keeping the mine running smoothly and it was really valuable to learn about this side of the job.

I would like to thank everyone at British Gypsum for making me feel so welcome, for being patient with my never ending questions and for allowing me to share the incredible work that they all do.

Jed Waldron

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