Fraser Biles (Southern Sales Director)

"My working life began immediately after finishing my GCSE’s in secondary school. It’s been a long journey since to where I am now: Southern Sales Director at British Gypsum."

We sat down with Fraser to find out a bit more about his journey at British Gypsum and his advice to others.

I was first attracted to British Gypsum because of its position as a genuine market leader. The thought of working for a firm that led its field filled me with excitement. So it was with great pride I accepted my first role at the company in 2005.

Starting Out

I could tell straight away that this was a company full of opportunity, and as such I set my ambitions high. My goal was lofty: to become a Regional Sales Manager within five years. I knew it would be difficult but I was committed and willing to apply myself to getting there.

For the next five years I kept my head down, working hard and rising through the ranks. Then, in 2009, I was named Regional Sales Manager for the West Midlands. Achieving my ambition only inspired me to keep on striving, and in the following years I was promoted again; first to National Account Director in 2014, then to Trades Sales Director in 2015 before becoming Southern Sales Director at the beginning of 2017.

Becoming Southern Sales Director

My new role entails overseeing a team of Regional Sales Managers, National Account Directors and technical staff. The job is multi-disciplined and requires me to handle both the commercial and technical sides of the business. I’m also on hand to help overcome any challenges we might face when bringing new products to market.

It’s a really exciting role, where no two days are the same. One morning I might be coaching junior members of staff, helping them to become more efficient with their daily tasks. The next I might be interacting with customers, learning what they like about our products and finding out where we can improve.

Advice To Others

Whenever somebody asks me how to progress at British Gypsum my answer is simple: work hard. This is a company where your destiny is truly in your own hands. Support is available at all levels to help with your personal and professional development. Nobody is going to spoon-feed you, but if you’re willing, the opportunities are endless.

Working for British Gypsum has allowed me to do things I never thought I’d be able to do. From travelling the world on behalf of the company to leading a team of dedicated staff, it’s more than I could have ever hoped for. Above anything else, it’s so rewarding to be able to work with people I consider friends, not just colleagues.
Fraser Biles

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