Clare Pittaway (Process Engineer)

The chance to put theory into practice through analysis and problem solving was one of the reasons why Clare decided to pursue a career in engineering with British Gypsum.

We caught up with her to find out more.

Tell us about your career path so far.

I was always interested in STEM subjects at school and studied chemistry, maths and physics at A Level, before going on to do a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. After graduating I joined a company that designs heat exchangers for offshore gas platforms and worked there for nearly six years. I gained a lot of great experience during my time there but the role was quite design orientated. While I enjoyed this, I began to realise that I wanted to explore the production side of things a bit more. This then led me to British Gypsum in 2016 and my current role as a Process Engineer, which has a much stronger focus on applied engineering.

Tell us about your role at British Gypsum.

As my job title suggests, I look after anything that’s related to the manufacturing process. One of my main responsibilities is to analyse the formula of our plaster and look for ways to modify it in order to improve the end product’s performance. I am also involved in product development, such as looking for new additives that can be used to create innovative solutions. My role is a mixture of problem solving and overcoming the day-to-day production challenges that come with such a large manufacturing facility. 

What’s it like working at British Gypsum?

I’ve found that British Gypsum really supports its employees, which makes it a nice place to work. My team is fantastic and it’s a real plus point that I get to work with such great people. I’m also enjoying being in a different sort of role than my previous job too. Every day I find myself challenged but the support of the team around me makes it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

What is it like working at East Leake?

Really great, there’s a very positive atmosphere that runs through the site. We all stick together and support each other to achieve as much as we can in our roles. Everyone pitches in when things get busy or if we’ve got a particularly challenging problem to solve, which makes it far easier to get work completed.

What would you say to young women considering a career in engineering?

I would say never feel like you can’t do it. I know that some people think of engineering as a male dominated industry and yes, it has been in the past but this is changing. More and more women are choosing to study and work in engineering, so we are challenging these misconceptions every day. Engineering offers so many different opportunities and can provide people with a rewarding career, regardless of their gender or background.
British Gypsum Careers Clare Pittaway Process Engineer

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