Charlotte Russell (Senior Buyer)

Looking for that perfect role as part of a relocation can be challenging, but after her first interview with Saint-Gobain, Charlotte Russell knew the company could offer her a lot of opportunity.

We managed to grab some time with Charlotte to find out a little more about her experiences since joining British Gypsum.

What attracted you to British Gypsum in the first place?

Having had an early career working in the automotive and FMCG industries, I was lucky enough to be invited to an interview with British Gypsum as a Supply Chain Analyst in 2015 - and I soon realised the breadth of opportunities available across the entire Saint-Gobain Group.

The flexibility the company offers in being able to move across departments, brands and companies was extremely attractive to me, as was the strong development culture Saint-Gobain works hard to foster and promote. They were clear about this in interview and they have stayed true to their word.

Tell us about your career progression so far

As a Supply Chain Analyst, I was responsible for the long term forecasting for the raw materials used in British Gypsum’s products, along with leading various supply projects. I spent two years in Supply Chain and really enjoyed the role and all the experience I gained. However, I naturally came to a point where I was looking for career progression and a change of role.

Knowing there was the opportunity to move departments had attracted me to British Gypsum in the first place so I was keen for a change to develop new skills.  It was a fairly internally focused role in Supply Chain so I thought it was a good time to start to look for a more externally facing position. I am now working across two Saint-Gobain companies - British Gypsum and Isover - as a Senior Buyer.

How did the move go?

It was a huge learning curve; not only a new department, role and requirements within British Gypsum, but also having to quickly understand a new company structure and the Isover business. I had to draw on my contacts and the relationships I had built at British Gypsum to support me in my new role. Everyone has been supportive, welcoming and helpful - which has made a huge difference.

The move has worked really well. I have been in this position since July 2017 and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

What motivates you?

A lot of things! The variety of work each day - different projects and tasks come up and I am always dealing with new people, so no day is the same, which suits me. I relish the chance to think strategically and have a real influence in the direction of the business going forward.

Looking ahead, what would you like to do?

I would like to grow within this role for a couple of years to fully develop and learn everything I can. Then, I would say my next progression would be to a Purchasing Manager role - but who knows, in a couple of years the lure of another department or role might be too tempting!

That’s the beauty of working in a company like British Gypsum - being part of the Saint-Gobain group means there really are no boundaries. It is full of opportunity within a robust support network to help you reach your potential.

Charlotte Russell - Senior Buyer

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