Edyta Oborka-Kowalczyk (Performance Improvement Manager)

You must collaborate for success.

Edyta joined British Gypsum in 2012 as a World Class Manufacturing Facilitator after a series of positions as an Industrial Engineer and Industrial Performance Specialist for Schneider Electric. Her core responsibility was to support British Gypsum sites in the deployment of World Class Manufacturing, ensuring toolsets are available appropriately and to provide support or feedback.

However, during this period, Edyta had the opportunity to work more directly in East Leake’s Operations department by taking a nine month secondment to experience a taste of Operations and decide whether it was for her.

Edyta discovered that there is a good energy in Operations. “There is something exciting about Operations, in terms of the dynamics there and good level of energy. You are really accountable for what you do. You make a decision and you stick with it and accept the consequences,” she says.

In Operations it is very dynamic and lots of opportunities exist in terms of personal development because of the various roles contained within it. You have to enjoy the responsibility, otherwise you wouldn’t go there. When you work in a facilitator role you are visible but in an Operations role you are visible and accountable as well. You have strict KPIs which you are measured on and you have a team to deliver them, so you need to enjoy the role because it is quite intense.

Given the fast-paced nature of Operations, the role brings its fair share of challenges.

Edyta adds: “What I find most challenging in Operations is the lack of time. The line is running 24 hours, seven days a week so there is not much breathing space. As a leader of a team, you have to decide what to prioritise to help bring the greatest benefit.

Engage with your colleagues

When asked about the skills you need to be successful in Operations Edyta says: “To do well in this role you need to have the ability to lead a team, ensure they can identify what the right things are to work on and when to work on them."

She admits that “all of these skills are difficult ones” but says that if you can get them right, then “everything else will follow”.

Edyta lists many great things about working for British Gypsum from the people she works with, to the company’s competitiveness and desire to grow.

She says: “I think as a business, giving people the chance to progress, and maintaining those opportunities is certainly a good thing.

As a company, British Gypsum supports the training of its people. If it’s good training for the person and good training for British Gypsum then they will have the opportunity to get it.

Asked for advice for colleagues she says: “Engage with the people around you because, what I always realise on reflection, is that if you involve people you always get better results. If you talk to others, you can do a lot more and achieve so much more.

Edyta Oborka-Kowalczyk (Performance Improvement Manager)

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