Lindsey's story

Customer Service Advisor at British Gypsum

My story begins when I started working for British Gypsum in 2004. Right from the start, I felt at home and had a great sense of ‘belonging’. I felt like I was having an impact and contributed to the team.

In 2007, I was selected by my team leader to be part of a major project and this is still the highlight of my career so far. This challenged me, helped me to progress and the project certainly made a significant impact on the business and my career.

I left the business to go travelling in 2008 and had the best six months of my life. Upon returning to the UK, I started a job in a very small company, which couldn’t have been further from British Gypsum.

In 2013, I decided to approach my old team leader at British Gypsum and enquired as to whether there were any vacancies. Unfortunately at the time there weren’t, but he did contact me five months later with the perfect opportunity I was waiting for.

Second time around I am here again and experiencing the same job satisfaction, which is all the sweeter knowing there really are no boundaries as to where I may end up.


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