Saint-Gobain Launches Women's Network

Mel Willatt, Head of People and Organisational Development at British Gypsum, shares her thoughts on an exciting new Saint-Gobain initiative.

Today (8th March) is International Women’s Day – a very fitting occasion on which to re-launch our Careers Without Boundaries Women’s Network, designed to create a high profile network that helps to advance women’s careers within the Saint-Gobain group.

The first meeting will take place today, with representatives from across the group discussing best practice and how to connect colleagues with new opportunities for learning, knowledge-sharing, innovation and people development.

This is a truly exciting opportunity to bring people together, both across British Gypsum and our network of sister companies. For women building their professional careers, strong female role models can be instrumental in inspiring and developing the next generation and the Women’s Network is set to put our female colleagues in touch with their peers across the country and the globe.

The aim is to help each other feel part of something bigger and to give women a strong voice within our organisation. Whatever business or personal challenge you may be facing, or achievement you have to celebrate, there are others throughout the business that you can reach out to for help, inspiration and advice. We hope that the Women’s Network will help join the dots and make those connections much more accessible, for men and women alike.

Personally, I feel privileged to be taking part in this important launch, because the nature of my job means that I already get to interact with a wide range of people across the Saint-Gobain network and get a glimpse of the real diversity of careers available – so I’m excited at being able to bring this sort of opportunity to the rest of my colleagues on the British Gypsum team.

The national Saint-Gobain Women’s Network will meet regularly throughout the year, with further regional and local meetings ensuring the connectivity reaches everyone that wants to be involved.  I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses – watch this space for more.

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