Nurturing Homegrown Talent with National Apprenticeships Week

This week marks the 11th National Apprenticeships Week – a chance for employers around the country to celebrate the achievements of apprentices and to recognise the valuable contribution they make to their businesses.

With the chance to earn while you learn, develop life skills and be part of a business from day one, apprenticeships offer much more than just a quick route into employment. 

The latest apprenticeships offer a practical combination of study and work experience, with learning prospects that stretch right up to post-graduate level – providing an attractive alternative to university and the student debt that can entail.  What’s more, apprenticeships are not necessarily just for school leavers.  In our current apprentice group the ages range from 17 up to the early-30s

Combined with the world of opportunities that comes with working for a global business like Saint-Gobain, it’s easy to see why at British Gypsum we firmly believe apprenticeships can open the door to a long term and rewarding career. 

From our perspective, apprenticeships bring talented people directly into our business at the very beginning of their careers.  This gives us the chance to help them develop the specific skills we need and allows us to plan for the future.  We fully recognise the value of investing in our apprentices, which is why we’ve committed to supporting them through a robust mix of study and on-the-job training.

We currently offer mechanical and engineering apprenticeships and have 22 apprentices working with us in our plants and mines, across five different sites. New openings are advertised on the Saint-Gobain vacancies website and also on the national apprenticeships database.  We’ll be releasing details about out 2018 intake soon, so watch this space.

For more about what it’s like being a British Gypsum apprentice, watch this video about the changes we made to the apprenticeships programme at our Barrow-upon-Soar site.

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