Five Pancras Square, London

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Camden Council’s new site at Five Pancras Square in King’s Cross, built by Kier Construction, consolidates a number of council premises into a single, more efficient site – not only helping to reduce the council’s running costs by over £500,000 per year, but also lowering its carbon footprint significantly. Client, contractor and local authority all collaborated closely on the project.

Five Pancras Square, London – Plasterboard category

Five Pancras Square’s sustainability credentials are clearly evident. The project initially achieved a BREEAM score of 87% at design stage, but Kier’s procurement and input helped boost this to an Outstanding rating of 93.05%, the highest score awarded that year. The building’s passive design is without a doubt impressive, with its façade and internal atrium designed to maximise natural daylight with the overall aesthetic enhanced by use of Gyptone Line 6. Extensive use of Glasroc H Tilebacker was also used in and around the swimming pool areas.

Client: Camden Council / Main Contractor: Kier Construction / Architect: Bennetts Associates

Five Pancras Square, London – Plasterboard category

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