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A.M.Walker Plastering

A.M.Walker Plastering
United Kingdom

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Established in 1982, A. M. Walker Plastering has 25+ years of experience in all types and specialised plasters, and provides all types of plastering; British Gypsum, Moroccan (Tadalekt) polished (Venetian), listed buildings (lime putty) and Monocouche (through colour renders) to clients throughout the local area and within a 50-mile radius. The company is based in Thatcham.

A. M. Walker Plastering has a wide range of regular customers, located in all areas in Berkshire, Hampshire and surrounding areas, including builders, private customers and several large organisations. The company is managed by Adrian Walker who has been involved in the plastering industry for many years. He is well trained to run the company, having previously worked for A. C plastering (8 yrs), Yoldings (5 Yrs) and sub-contractors for 15+ years. The firm aims to supply businesses with tailored plastering requirements and has a good understanding of all aspects needed. The experienced staff ensure customers refer them to others. The service is intended to be cost-effective every time.

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