Guaranteeing the future of drywall

SpecSure® is a unique 'off the shelf' warranty to end users that confirms British Gypsum proprietary systems will perform to the parameters published in our current literature for the period of time that the system is used for its originally designed purpose - a lifetime warranty.

SpecSure® is your guarantee that the system you have chosen:
  • Comprises only the highest quality components, designed to work individually and together to deliver the specified level of performance
  • Has the technical expertise and experience of the UK's leading drywall specialists behind it
  • Has been tested in the company's UKAS approved fire, acoustic, and structural test laboratories
  • Has been site tested to demonstrate installation integrity and simplicity
  • Will be supported as required at every stage of the project by the UK's leading on and off-site technical support personnel
  • Will perform to published parameters throughout the life of the system
  • Will be repaired or replaced by British Gypsum in the unlikely event of system failure attributed to unsatisfactory product / system performance

To qualify for SpecSure®

  • Specify and install British Gypsum systems in line with the recommendations in the current British Gypsum White Book
  • The systems must comprise only genuine branded British Gypsum components, tried and tested over many decades in some of the UK’s most prestigious buildings. We cannot guarantee that the use of other manufacturers’ components will meet our rigorous performance and quality standards when installed in our tested systems