Frequently asked question

How do I acoustically upgrade an existing masonry wall?

We offer several system options for doing this, selection will depend on factors such as type of background, height of lining and performance required. The solutions commonly used are Gyproc TriLine board fixed by the DryLyner SI or DryLyner RF system, or Gyproc SoundBloc plasterboard and Isover insulation with the GypLyner IWL or GypLyner UNIVERSAL systems.

Gyproc TriLine is a gypsum plasterboard bonded to glass mineral wool for enhanced sound insulation performance. It can be fixed to masonry walls using the DryLyner SI (dot & dab) or DryLyner RF system (bonded with Gyproc Sealant). Please refer to WHITE BOOK Chapter 07 Section 03 Page 02 for more details.

GypLyner IWL independent wall lining is a lightweight, non-loadbearing system, which is built independently of the external wall construction and is particularly suitable for buildings where fixing into the background is difficult or not possible. Please refer to WHITE BOOK Chapter 07 Section 05 Page 05 for more details.

GypLyner UNIVERSAL is a cost-effective metal wall lining system commonly used where the external wall or substrate is very uneven or out of plumb. It provides a solution for backgrounds that are not suitable for bonded systems, for example the DriLyner systems described above. Please refer to WHITE BOOK Chapter 07 Section 04 Page 05 for more details.