Thistle DuraFinish

Thistle DuraFinish

To provide a plaster skim finish and provide up to 60% tougher resistance to accidental damage.

Ideal for high traffic areas such as stairwells and corridors that are prone to damage, this plaster is up to 60% tougher than standard skim plaster to reduce on going maintenance costs. Suitable for application by hand. Coverage based on 2mm thickness. Supplied in individual bags or in full pallets on non-returnable wooden pallets. Nominal pack weight 25kg bags. Conforms to EN 13279-1.

BES 6001

  • Conforms to EN 13279-1
  • Supplied in individual bags or in full pallets, on non-returnable wooden pallets
  • This product is certified to BES 6001 achieving a rating of 'Excellent'


  • 60% more hardwearing than standard plaster
  • Excellent resistance to accidental damage
  • Retains wall appearance for longer
  • Good adhesion to existing ‘sound’ wall surfaces with no pre-treatment preparation
  • Complies with EN 13279-1, type B7

Key features

  • Proven to provide significantly increased resistance to accidental damage when compared with a regular plaster
  • Can be used on plasterboard or undercoat plasters, or for replastering and repair work on previously finished walls
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas including corridors, stairwells and canteens in healthcare, leisure, social housing, education or office buildings
  • Has a light-grey colour for easy identification on site
  • Formulated for use by your usual plasterer

Why do I need Thistle DuraFinish?

A regular plaster is ideal for some areas. But for the more hardworking parts of your building - a stairwell or a canteen - you need a finish that can withstand everyday knocks and scrapes, general wear and tear.

Thistle DuraFinish helps avoid frequent, costly maintenance and a disruptive environment. Thistle DuraFinish creates an environment conducive to educating, healing, living, working and playing.

So whether you're involved in the specification process of new buildings or responsible for carrying out refurbishments and repairs, in the long run your building will benefit from the targeted use of Thistle DuraFinish.

Up until now the only alternative has been heavy-duty reinforcements. These are expensive to purchase and install and, as our research shows, often don't protect the whole area from damage.

So what's the problem with a little damage?


Damaged, deteriorating plasterwork just doesn't look good and that affects people's pride in their building. Also, very often, you refurbish a damaged section only for the damage to happen again almost immediately - so the area only ever looks pristine for a short time


If your plaster can't cope you’ll be paying for frequent repairs, and you may also have to pay for dealing with disruption and arranging temporary accommodation.


Sometimes the only solution is to shut down parts of the building for maintenance work, and that means arranging temporary accommodation for the people and services you're displacing. You also have the problem of dealing with dust (vital in healing environments particularly), disruption (signage, temporary access, disconnected services, security …), cleaning and redecorating.

Damage resistance

Thistle DuraFinish has excellent resistance to glancing impacts and repeated abrasion typical of the accidental damage which causes scratching, gouging or chipping of other wall finishes. This can reduce the scope of, and extend the intervals between, maintenance, helping to reduce costs and maximise the occupiers’ use of the building. It also has excellent adhesion to most backgrounds, so damage to small areas does not spread or cause de-bonding, making repair easier.

Thistle DuraFinish keeps your building moving

The positive benefits of clean, pleasant environments are proven. It isn't just about people respecting and taking pride in their surroundings, although it is a fact that if an environment is aesthetically pleasing it is more likely to stay that way; no one cares about causing more damage to an already peeling, chipped and flaking wall.

Nowadays, we also understand the power of our environments to affect healing, living, educating, working and playing.

So from helping with speech intelligibility in schools to psychologically boosting recovery in hospitals, modern building designers are investing more, not just into how environments look, but also how they work for the people in them. And after all that time and effort the last thing you want is for damaged plasterwork to ruin the positive effect you've created.

A rigorous programme of testing - proof that Thistle DuraFinish really performs

As a totally unique product, we needed to prove that Thistle DuraFinish really does protect against accidental damage.

So we created a programme of tests designed to put the product through its paces. We even went to the extremes of developing our own tests to simulate glancing blows and key scratches. The result? Thistle DuraFinish more than makes the grade.

Test 1 - glancing impact - 60% Improvement: This highly realistic test was created by our experts specifically to simulate a glancing blow, no standard test being available. We were able to control the speed and impact of a trolley, selecting an impact which in one go was able to go right through the Multi-Finish to the plasterboard beneath. The same impact on Thistle DuraFinish got less than halfway through the plaster.

Test 2 - scratch resistance: Elcometer: A standard test using a loaded point which allowed us to produce the same scratch repeatedly. There was a 60% improvement when using Thistle DuraFinish.

Test 3 - scratch resistance: key when using Thistle DuraFinish: We carried out two variants of this test. In the first we calibrated the equipment to produce a visible mark in Thistle DuraFinish: the results in Multi-Finish were extremely destructive. In the second we calibrated the equipment to produce a scratch in Multi-Finish: no damage was caused to Thistle DuraFinish.

Test 4 - scratch resistance: diamond - 94% lower weight loss: This was probably the most unrealistic of the tests; as a diamond is capable of scratching glass, we knew it would scratch through the plaster products, but what would the difference be? An impressive 94% less weight loss in the Thistle DuraFinish.

Test 5 - abrasion test: In this test, using sandpaper scraped across the plaster surface we simulated repeated rubbing in the same area, such as the gentle brushing of people or chairs against a wall. The results show a valuable improvement in performance when using Thistle DuraFinish.

Thistle DuraFinish proves its worth…time after time

It's clear from such impressive results that Thistle DuraFinish really does perform. Not only does it improve damage resistance while retaining that flat wall look ready for any decorative finish you choose. But also that damage resistance is built into the plasterwork, so there's no need to involve another trade or operation. All in all, the ideal solution for those high-traffic areas.

Order CodeNominal bag weight (kg)Approx coverage (m²)Approx setting time (hours)Shelf life (months)


* Coverage is based on 2mm thickness.

Can I apply Thistle MultiFinish to sand & cement undercoats?

Thistle MultiFinish would be suitable although suction may need to be controlled (e.g. with Thistle GypPrime).

Can you skim an MR grade board?

Yes, however the board usually needs to be primed with ThistleBond-It.

What are the recommendations for Thistle DuraFinsh in two coat application?

When using Thistle DuraFinish in a two coat application the surface of the undercoat should be prepared using Thistle GypPrime.

What is the minimum temperature that Thistle plaster can be used at?

We recommend 2°C (5°C for Thistle DuraFinish) as the minimum working temperature in which plaster should be applied. It is important that the temperature does not drop below 0°C during application or in the setting and drying phase.

What thicknesses are plasters applied?

Undercoat plasters are usually 11mm and most finish coat plasters are 2mm thick.

How To - Apply Thistle DuraFinish

How To - Spray Apply Thistle HardWall Finish With Hand Applied Thistle DuraFinish

Thistle DuraFinish - Overview

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