Eurocoustic Tonga A

Eurocoustic TONGA A

High performance stone wool tile with class A acoustic absorption, fire resistance and high light reflectance.

Eurocoustic TONGA A offers class A acoustic absorption, fire resistance and high light reflectance. Conforms to EN 13964:2004.

Eurocoustic range:

A range of high performance stone wool ceiling tiles manufactured to EN 13964:2004. Available in a range of sizes and edge types, Eurocoustic tiles achieve up to Class A sound absorption and 30 minutes fire resistance to BS476-23 when used within a CasoLine quick-lock grid T24 system.

  • Manufactured to EN 13964: 2004
  • Class A sound absorption to ISO 11654: 1997
  • A1 reaction to fire to EN13501-1: 2007
  • Up to 30 mins fire resistance to BS 476-23: 1987
  • Light reflectance 85%
Order CodeWidth (mm)Length (mm)Depth (mm)ClassAW (max - L, LM)Edge Type

How do I get a 30 minute fire protection to structural steel beams supporting a concrete floor from a lay in suspended ceiling?

Our Gyprex SATINSPAR tiles and Eurocoustic ceiling tiles are all capable of achieving 30-minute fire protection to BS476-Pt 23: 1987 if installed in specific CasoLine lay-in grid systems.

How do Eurocoustic tiles perform in terms of Relative Humidity (RH)?

All Eurocoustic tiles achieve class D in accordance with EN13964:2014 Annex F.

What are the different edge types

The Eurocoustic range includes three edge types – one square edge and two rebated (tegular) edges.  Different edges can be used by designers to create a different ‘look-and-feel’ to the ceiling.  The three types available are:

Eurocoustic MINERVAL and TONGA are available in A-edge, E15 edge or E24 edge types. Eurocoustic TONGA LS, AREA and CLINI’SAFE are available in A-edge only. Eurocoustic ERMES is available in E15 and E24 edges only. 

What are Eurocoustic tiles made from?

Eurocoustic tiles are manufactured using basalt stone wool, which is compressed into a stone wool core and laminated with reinforcing fleece front and back.

What colour are Eurocoustic ceiling tiles?

All tiles are factory-finished white.  While there is no specific RAL reference, the nearest RAL colour RAL 9016.  CasoLine QUICK LOCK grid is manufactured to RAL 9106

What sizes are available?

All tiles in the Eurocoustic range are available in both 600x600mm and 1200x600mm sizes.   Eurocoustic TONGA LS is available in long span formats of 1500x600mm, 1800x600mm, 2000x600mm and 2400x600mm.  Where required, Eurocoustic tiles can be easily cut on site – refer to the British Gypsum Ceilings Installation Guide for details.

Eurocoustic Ceilings Range