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The White Book

The leading specification resource for; partitions, wall lining and ceiling systems within the construction industry.

First published in 1972, The White Book is recognised as a reliable source of information for anyone specifying partition, wall lining and ceiling systems within the construction industry. It is a comprehensive guide to finding solutions using British Gypsum products and systems.

How can I access White Book Content?

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White Book Interactive version

View and download White Book content online

White Book - Interactive

Using our online page turner to select key pages to view and download

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White Book

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Download the full PDF or order a hard copy

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White Book - Section C02 - Technical performance

Technical performance (C02)

This section provides guidance on the technical performance and principles of system design.

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White Book - Steel encasements

Steel encasements (C03)

This section contains steel encasement systems that provide up to 180 minutes of fire protection to structural steel columns and 120 minutes for structural steel beams and joists.

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White Book - Partitions

Partitions (C04)

This section contains a full range of lightweight partition and wall systems for use in new and existing buildings. They cover all applications, from simple space division to high performance walls.

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White Book - Specialist partitions

Specialist partitions (C05)

This section details specialist systems where robust, lightweight, curved, fire or blast resistant partitions are required.

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White Book - Floors & Ceilings

Floors and ceilings (C06)

This section details floors and ceilings systems which cover a multitude of performance requirements in all sectors.

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White Book - Linings

Linings (C07)

This section contains our wall and roof lining systems, covering all applications, from a basic wallboard lining through to high performance linings designed to meet thermal and sound insulation, fire protection, or impact resistance requirements.

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White Book - Finishes

Finishes (C08)

Essential to all our high performance systems is our full range of finishing products.

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White Book - Sound absorbing solutions

Sound absorbing solutions (C09)

This section details sound absorbing solutions which both provide reverberation control and improved aesthetics.

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White Book - Products - Introduction

Products (C10)

In every kind of building, we help to build ceilings, wall linings and partitions, provide thermal comfort, protect against fire, shield from impact and insulate against sound.

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White Book


We develop and provide effective solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the industry, whilst providing benefits for both the construction industry and the end user.

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White Book - Section C11 - Glossary & Index

Glossary & Index

Glossary of terms used in the White Book plus index

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White Book - App

White Book companion app

Use the White Book companion app to view helpful videos from the White Book

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