Super strong plasterboard improves garage storage space

Asimakis Foros

Transforming a garage into a multi purpose room

Discover how Gyproc Habito plasterboards support up to 15kg off a single screw

Gyproc HabitoAsimakis Foros found the perfect space saving solution for his garage in Gyproc Habito super-strength plasterboard.

“I wanted to transform my garage space into a storage area in which it would be easy to find things and move boxes around,” explained Mr. Foros. “The strength of Gyproc Habito gave me the freedom to create the exact storage solution that I had in my mind. Without it, I would have been limited to attaching heavy shelves and bike racks only where the previous walls could have supported them.” 

No drill, or wall plugs needed

The strength of Gyproc Habito has enabled the Foros family to attach to the wall a bike rack supporting three bikes, using just four screws. “We were amazed once the new plasterboard was installed we could screw directly into it and attach even the heaviest items without me having to dig out the drill or find wall plugs,” said Mr. Foros. “Simply needing screws and a screwdriver has made life very easy for me – I’ve been able to put things up quickly, with no problems and no last minute trips to the hardware store.”

Gyproc HabitoSuper strong plasterboard

The Foros family are delighted with the results. “Now we can really take advantage of the space the garage offers,” said Mr. Foros. “And the great thing is, Gyproc Habito is so durable that I don’t have to worry about knocking it when I’m moving things around in the garage – it doesn’t dent like a standard plasterboard would. It has definitely exceeded my expectations and I find myself recommending Gyproc Habito to everyone I know!”. 

Gyproc Habito used in garage