Home of a lifetime with new wall solutions

Cherry family home

Transforming a family home

Discover how Gyproc Habito gives the family flexibility to change their home

When extending their kitchen-diner and transforming loft space into a master suite, the Cherry Family took the opportunity to enhance their home with Gyproc Habito super-strength plasterboard and Thistle Magnetic Plaster.

Jonathan and Susannah Cherry wanted to create a home of a lifetime and have wall solutions that gave them flexibility in the long term and allow them to quickly and easily change the design of the rooms in their Nottinghamshire home.   

Gyproc HabitoSuper-strength Gyproc Habito - Easy to install and easy to use

The couple asked Antony Ford from JWS Property Services to use Gyproc Habito for all interior walls in the loft conversion, as well as the new walls in the kitchen. “The difference in strength compared to standard plasterboard was immediately obvious - it’s brilliant,” described Antony. “When we installed it, Gyproc Habito behaved much the same as normal plasterboard. It’s slightly heavier because of the reinforced core but, once you’ve screwed it up to the timber, it’s exactly the same to use. It’s so strong you don’t need to reinforce it at the back; I actually took a hammer to it and it didn’t make a dint!

“I often come across homeowners frustrated their standard plasterboard won’t take the weight of heavy items like televisions and contemporary design features like wall-mounted wine racks and over-sized mirrors,” continued Antony. “The Cherry family plan to live in their house for many years to come so Gyproc Habito is a great solution for them, enabling them to change the way they use their spaces as their young family evolves over time.” 

No need for tricky fixings – you can screw straight into the wall

Thistle Magnetic Plaster and Gyproc Habito in family homeJonathan and Susannah Cherry are thrilled with the results: “The house looks great and we’re happy knowing we can easily make changes to the décor ourselves in the future,” said Susannah. “Putting up pictures has been so simple because we haven’t had to bother with tricky fixings, we’ve used either magnets or just screws and a screwdriver. We’ve also had much more flexibility with the kitchen design - we could have the cupboards, shelves and appliances wherever we wanted without worrying whether the walls could support the weight. By using innovative products, we’ve been able to create a truly flexible home that gives us the freedom to play around with the design without any fuss.”

Gyproc Habito in Kitchen conversion
The difference in strength compared to standard plasterboard was immediately obvious - it’s brilliant. - Antony Ford, JWS Property Services.