Making your home office work harder

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Making your home office work harder

Discover how Thistle Magnetic Plaster transformed Andy’s home office

When Andy Wilkins converted a spare bedroom to a home office, he wanted a magnetic wall he could use as an interactive planning space for his work projects.

Thistle Magnetic Plaster“I knew of magnetic plaster through my job and I wanted to create an area in my home office where I could use the wall to map out my projects,” Mr. Wilkins explained. “Once the decision had been made to re-plaster the wall with Thistle Magnetic Plaster, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly it was finished, and after the required 48 hour drying time I was able to paint it.

“The end result was great and it made a real difference when I was working from home to be able to use the wall as a creative space,” he continued. “As well as using it for work, for a bit of fun I bought some magnetic Scrabble letters and used to write messages to my wife with them. Once our daughter came along, I was also able to use the magnetic wall to display the latest pictures of her, changing them all the time.”

When the Wilkins family came to sell the house, the magnetic wall was a real talking point. “People were fascinated,” said Mr. Wilkins. “Everyone who viewed the house was impressed by the strength of the magnetic plaster and wanted to know how it works.”

Now in their new home, Mr. & Mrs. Wilkins would like a magnetic wall in one of the downstairs family areas. “We’d love to create a really large photo wall,” Mr. Wilkins described. “The thing we most liked about having a magnetic wall in our old house was how convenient it was to keep pictures up to date. Using photo frames attached with magnetic adhesive tape, pictures can be changed so easily, with no damage to the wall.”

Thistle Magnetic Plaster

Making your home office work harder