Having fun with your Magnetic Walls in the Kitchen

Ian & Jan's home


Bringing kitchen walls to life

Using Thistle Magnetic Plaster to personalise a kitchen feature wall

Ian Draper and his wife, Jan, were looking for a new kitchen. When they visited in-toto Kitchens in Nottinghamshire, they were introduced to Thistle Magnetic Plaster and knew they wanted to include it in their kitchen design.

“We have young grandchildren who visit regularly and we wanted to surprise them with a magnetic wall,” said Mr Draper. “The kitchen is at the centre of our home life and we just knew a magnetic wall would bring the room to life and offer hours of fun.”

The kitchen installation was a huge success and the plasterer found the magnetic plaster very easy to apply. “We chose to have the magnetic plaster on three walls,” described Mr Draper. “We now use those walls as a giant noticeboard we can add to or remove things from easily. The kitchen has become a real hub for letters, notices, shopping lists and photo frames, keeping our kitchen surfaces free from clutter.”

The walls are now something to be enjoyed by the whole family. “We’ve started applying magnetic tape to all sorts of things and having a bit of fun with the walls,” Mr Draper said. “When our grandchildren visit, we spend hours colouring and drawing and then they enjoy displaying their work on the wall using their own magnets. Everyone who visits comments on the wall and all of our friends have been impressed – it really gets people talking.”

Richard Drury, owner of in-toto Kitchens explained why he thinks Thistle Magnetic Plaster has been so successful with his customers: “Kitchens these days are extended living spaces. They’re so much more sociable than they used to be. The magnetic plaster builds on that and enables families to create a living wall. The appeal of a magnetic wall to the customers I see in my kitchen showroom is its flexibility to be all things to all people – from children’s artwork to gourmet recipes, anything goes. And it can all be changed or cleared away in a matter of minutes.” 

Thistle Magnetic Plaster in Kitchen installation