Cumbrian Homes installs innovative products as standard

Cumbrian Homes


Cumbrian Homes

Delighting customers by installing better quality products

Cumbrian Homes are the first regional house builder to install all three innovative products available from British Gypsum.  Installing Gyproc Habito alongside Sound Solutions and Thistle Magnetic Walls in 3 property types as standard they’ve been able to offer the latest technologies and products to home buyers.  Even allowing customers to choose where in the home they were installed.

Cumbrian Homes were quick to recognise the benefits of specifying higher quality materials. In particular the visitors were amazed to see the difference between standard plasterboard and super strength Gyproc Habito - allowing them to hang heavy objects without the need for specialists fixings.

Sound Proofing Homes

Cumbrian Homes were also able to provide homeowners the opportunity to create a sound haven by adding in Sound Proofing ‘Silent Walls’ in rooms of their choice.  Whether they want a peaceful nights sleep, a quiet home office space or masking noises from loud hobbies, this product solved all those issues. 

 “We believe our role as a developer is to bring the latest products and technologies to home buyers,”

Families were impressed with the Thistle Magnetic Walls installed as it gave complete flexibility to transform any wall into a fun interactive surface.  Whether it’s a play wall for kids, multi functional notice board or work wall for you home office, it provided multiple solutions for all the family.

“When we opened the show home and saw the reaction to the products we knew we’d made the right choice partnering with British Gypsum” Nigel Pallister, MD of Cumbria Homes 

Cumbrian Homes
We believe our role as a developer is to bring the latest products and technologies to home buyers. - Nigel Pallister, MD of Cumbria Homes