Self builder installs Thistle Magnetic Plaster in dream home

Clutton Family


Creative Self Build in Shropshire

Discover how one homeowner transformed her home

Mr. & Mrs. Clutton spent a lot of time researching technologies and innovations to incorporate into the design of their self build home in Shropshire. The specification included everything from CAT-5 wiring, to in-built speaker systems, night lights in the bathrooms and smart heating controls. The couple also wanted to add interest to their walls with Thistle Magnetic Plaster.

“The design of the house is very contemporary,” explained Mrs. Clutton. “We wanted clean lines throughout the rooms and magnetic plaster was the ideal way to avoid fixing things to the walls with drawing pins, Blu-Tack or even screws in some instances. In particular it’s perfect in our daughter’s bedroom – she’s a very creative child and likes to display her artwork. The magnetic plaster in her room enables her to put things up on the walls with really lovely magnets and move them around as she chooses.

Easy to install and easy to use

“The plasterer we used hadn’t heard of the product before but he said it was easy to apply and blended in well with the normal plaster. Initially we weren’t sure how strong the magnetic walls would be, but we’ve been really pleased because we’ve been able to fix things which are quite weighty. For me it works really well in the kitchen, where I attach notes, letters and recipes to the wall. I use it for everything – it’s a giant pin board without the pins! And the best thing is, when we’re entertaining we can clear everything off the wall and the house goes back to being minimalist, it’s just wonderful.” 

Thistle Magnetic Plaster
We’ve been really pleased because we’ve been able to fix things which are quite weighty - Mrs Clutton