Why British Gypsum?

Each woman and man is able to build a career without boundaries in a genuine and ambitious group

At British Gypsum we’re proud to support this promise and offer our people a world of opportunity, all the challenge they’ll ever need and colleagues with great pride in what they’re a part of.

This means using insight to identify the needs of our market and thinking creatively across our organisation to passionately develop solutions. We then challenge ourselves to act with focus, pace and agility to deliver value for our customers (both internal and external).

Our promise to you

Our employees created these houses to represent British Gypsum’s offer of a career without boundaries, built on opportunity, pride, challenge and you.

Built on opportunity

Built on Opportunity

We can offer a world of opportunity to you

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Built on pride

Built on Pride

You can feel the pride in the air around here

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Built on challenge

Built on Challenge

We want to be the best at what we do

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Built on you

Built on You

Our people are at the heart of what we do

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